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Han Morgan (MA)

Following a successful rehearsed reading of an extract at Bristol Old Vic Theatre, the full play went on to have it's premiere at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester as part of the Colchester Fringe Festival, in October 2023. Little Vagabond Theatre, under which the play was produced, are now looking into the production's next outing and steps for development.

A review of the play can be found here 

'Today, now. Somewhere in the UK. A young woman works in a commercial laundry and is unable to leave. Insulted, exploited, and trapped. No passport. No ID. No Qualifications. She puts up with it, counting down the minutes until she’s earned her freedom.

In amongst the steam and bleach, she and the women around her tell stories to pass the time, dreaming of the day their debts are paid. They try on luxury clothes and imagine the lives of the people who own them. Teach each other to swear in different languages. Dance, sing, and play pretend. Pretend this isn’t really happening. But what happens when the clock ticks down to nothing, when they must escape TODAY? When family, home and dignity are on the line, and they are forced to finally confront the elusive Bear?

Dirty is as playful as it is powerful, an exploration of strength, resilience and solidarity in the face of modern-day slavery. Seamlessly blending folktale, daydream, and monologue with harsh reality, the audience is taken through a day in the life with the working women. Invisible. Silent. Until now. Brimming with mischief, and set against the unrelenting sound of tumble-dryers, Dirty will remind you of your own power.'

Written by Han Morgan

Directed by Richard Bland

Designed by Rhiannon Binnington


Content Warning: Swearing, themes of modern-day slavery, references to gambling, references to sexual acts and assault, references to murder and violence.

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